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The Bard of the Blanco, Ernie Lee, is a Texas award-winning poet from Canyon Lake, Texas. Ernie writes a continuing column in the Hill Country Sun magazine. He is a songwriter (BMI), storyteller, author, and poet of long standing in the region. Ernie is married and lives in Canyon Lake, Texas with his lovely wife Donna.

Ernie’s debut fiction novel Aquasaurus, is available through Aim-Hi Books, and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. His book of poetry, Where the Wild Rice Grows, is scheduled for release in August 2016. A second novel, Him, is scheduled for release in December 2016. In 2017, Ernie will publish the sequel to his first novel entitled the Search for Aquasaurus.

Ernie's music can be heard at He has published several technical and management books, along with shorter creative works in periodicals and local newspapers. Ernie has published technical professional books and academic guides related to public procurement for the University of Texas at Austin, and UT San Antonio.


Columnist, The Hill Country Sun, The Bard of the Blanco, 2014 - present

Columnist, Quest Magazine, Bard of the Blanco, 2002 - 2003

NIGP LEAP textbooks (Legal Public Procurement, General Public Purchasing) 2005

Professions, Purchasing Management, (8-module purchasing training course), University

of Texas, Professional Development Series, EIMC: Distance Education Center.

Article, “Disposing of Hazardous Materials”, Purchasing Insights, Jan 1995 (pg. 37)

Controlling and Disposing of Hazardous Materials, 1994, Southwest Logistics Institute.

“Spending Caps– A Review of City Policies on Spending Limitations in the U. S.”

Southwest Texas State University, Master’s degree thesis.


2014, Greater New Braunfels Arts Council Annual Poetry Contest, Lynne Eliot Award

2000, Greater New Braunfels Arts Council Annual Poetry Contest, Adult division






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2017 Best Book Awards

Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Supernatural.
Rules are set in stone – that is until someone shatters that rock and all hell breaks loose. A determined oil driller uses an illegal fracking method, causing a devastating earthquake and fire which destroys much of San Antonio. Cave explorers, Jesse and Jake, are trapped in the dark with a monster crocodile, long thought to be extinct – Aquasaurus – a forty-foot, 8-ton descendent of Carnufex – “The Butcher”. World-class rock climber, Rita, must overcome her lifelong fear of darkness to rescue her boyfriend Jesse. A state senator must juggle her fear losing a child, with the greater need of thousands of disaster survivors. A businessman must deal with the fear of losing a business his dying father spent a lifetime building. Why is Rita afraid of the dark? What happens when Aquasaurus escapes from the cave system and runs loose among disaster survivors? What will happen if the dangerous crocodile escapes into the Gulf of Mexico? Fear can cause people to react in unpredictable ways. Fear can distort judgment, and cause likeable people to commit irrational acts. Fear can masquerade as bravado. Fear can paralyze. Fear can provide a cover for the truth. The problem with fear, is we think fear is the problem. Everyone has a fear of something. What are you afraid of?
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Where the Wild Rice Grows

Ernie Lee is an award winning poet living at Canyon Lake, Texas with his wife Donna. Ernie’s poetry has been a lifelong habit. Originally a songwriter (BMI) Ernie had some success in music before turning his attention to the written word. His poems explore the breadth of life. Ernie won the New Braunfels Arts Council Lynne Elliott Award for poetry in 2014, and won the adult poetry division in 2000. He appears at area poetry meetings and books shows around the state. He is known far and wide as the Bard of the Blanco. These poems are typical of Ernie’s unique style. Each tells a story. The Bard of the Blanco section contains poems of the Texas hill country where Ernie makes his home. It is a land of beautiful hills, spiny plants, and deep canyons. Water is the major need, and the Bard section of poems illustrates the position of this valuable resource in area. The Mesquite Bean War is a decades old project that has not come to fruition yet. It is a novel length poem about the Tonkawa tribe pushed into the hill country by warring horse tribes of the plains, and crushed between advancing white settlements and the Mexican culture to the south. These five poems show Ernie’s depiction of life in those early days. Ernie’s famous line, “Between white and right, and red and wrong, the Tonkawa ceased to be,” has been used in numerous references.
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Fiction, Horror, Suspense.
From December 1884 to December 1885, a series of murders occurred in Austin, Texas, which became known as the Servant Girl Annihilator murders. One of the suspects was a Malay cook, known only as Maurice. Before he could be apprehended, Maurice disappeared. It is presumed he went back to the ships to work. He told his employer at the Pearl House on Pecan Street that he was going to work his way over to London. When Maurice was gone, the murders mysteriously stopped. Three years later, in 1888, the Jack the Ripper murders began. Among the hundreds of suspects was a Malay cook who called himself Maurice. A seaman named Dodge, told London police that the cook threatened to kill every prostitute in London as revenge for having been robbed by one. This is Maurice’s story, from his point of view. However, Maurice is innocent, but he slowly begins to realize that the true killer is his friend and life-long companion named Mawken. How far will Maurice go to stop the bloodshed? In this fictionalized account, the author provides fresh information on the actual Austin murders that has not been previously published.
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