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Aunt Eeebs and Sprout are pseudonyms for a sister and brother team writing and illustrating Dino-Buddies books since 1988.

Aunt Eeebs

So - I (...Sprout!) searched for a picture of my sister that I knew would not get me in trouble and this is as close as I would dare. All the other pics had expressions of "'you better not!" 'Eeebs' as she was originally dubbed (by my children), plays a big part in the creative side to make the ideas become refined. When we are "in tune" and "clicking", the cute rhymes and alliterations seem to just appear in our laps. Aunt Eeebs enjoys the signing appearances and loves reading and interfacing with the little ones very much.

Aunt Eeebs offers creative input that makes the adorable Dino-Buddies characters and stories so appealing. Religious and scholarly works are also written by her under another pseudonym as well. Aunt Eeebs graduated top honors Cum Laude – Phi Kappa Phi, all while working and supporting her own way through college.

…and Sprout!

Always being interested in art and creative projects, Sprout started from a young age developing products. Generally working behind the scenes, the large majority of art, layouts, coordination and marketing falls under Sprout's to-do list. Many aspects of the Dino-Buddies characters and hobbies reflect the ideals and interests of Sprout in his everyday life. Passionate about the entire Dino-Buddies adventure, every day brings an opportunity to just do something positive.

Sprout enjoys the writing and illustrating of the Dino-Buddies characters, along with the creation of the Dino-Buddies books and associated products. Making personal appearances, he also handles all the day to day operations of the business ...publishing, production, artwork, marketing, legal, promotions, website and sales. Sprout does not have any college - but hard work, desire and tenacity seem to make things come together.

Aunt Eeebs ...and Sprout! have 7 titles currently available (also available in eBooks Apps on iTunes and Google Play both English and Spanish):

1. The Dinosaur Debut

2. The Happy Campers

3. The Baby Buddy

4. Let's Go To Grammy's

5. Hit the Beach!

6. South of the Border

7. Who Stole Second Base?

* more adventures are to follow

The Dino-Buddies™ (Friends of Distinction . . . Not Extinction) are REAL Dino-Stars™!

All the Dino-Buddies books focus on positive, wholesome activities, and above all, kindness. The latest book 'Who Stole Second Base?' introduces the Dino-BuLLies™ and focuses on having the confidence and courage to deal with bullying.

Dino-Buddies™ (Friends of Distinction . . . Not Extinction) are adorable dinosaur characters that live in Onid Valley™ (that's 'Dino' spelled backward). These sweet, gentle Dino-Stars™ enjoy the simple things in life and subtly focus on positive values, good manners, kindness, and safe habits.

All of a non-violent nature, they know how to have pure, good old-fashioned fun. Each character has a name, a unique personality, hobby and interests. Enjoying life to its fullest, they live in harmony with each other, the environment and all the other animals; but they do have to keep an eye out for their not-so-very-nice neighbors - the Dino-Bullies™.